The Swagger Wagon

I resisted (and still do) the minivan.  I promised myself from a ridiculously young age that I would never drive one.

It seemed to represent all of the stereotypes of losing touch with being “hip” upon having children.  As I write this, I am looking at the key to my Routan, VW’s answer to transporting multiple children.

I was so mad after a few months of driving it, that I switched off with my husband.  I drove our very comfortable and fun- to- drive SUV.

Kris very kindly, cruised around, childless, in our minivan.

Alas, the VW key is now back on my ring.  Practicality has won.  Again.  The ease of being able to pop open both doors from 50 feet away, when a child is in each arm, or a child is in one arm, and all of their stuff is in the other, is reason enough to drive a minivan.

Add that to the multi screen DVD player,(which is helpful not only for long car rides, but for when I needed to nurse Sydney in the car while Owen hung out in his “living room”), the 30 Gig hard drive for music and photos, and the Triptronic Trasmission (no, I am not kidding) and it almost feels like I’m not driving a minivan.

Except that I am.

And that reality is never far from my mind.

At any rate, this is a video that you must watch if you drive a minivan.  Though I have no advertising background at all, I suspect that this is one of the most in touch marketing campaigns ever created.  It even makes me feel a little bit cooler while tooling around in my minivan swagger wagon.

Click here to see the video.

I promise you’ll be glad you did.


What are your thoughts?

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