10 Reasons Why a Surprise “Winter Powderland” is “WONDERFUL”!

Admiring the Creation

The advantages of a surprise winter wonderland created by your two and four year old in the playroom (especially after your house was cleaned one hour prior):

1.  No matter how full the diaper pail is, the room constantly smells of freshly sprinkled baby powder.

2. No need to worry about the gleam from the freshly cleaned floors.  That baby powder film eliminates all glare and shine.

Walking in a Winter Powderland

3.  The child who desperately needed a shampoo suddenly has hair that looks cleaner.  Once it no longer looks white.

4.  No need for a smoke machine, the powder dust keeps the room looking spooky and foggy for hours.  Maybe even days.

5.  It gives the parent who was given the surprise a GREAT opportunity to practice  a skill they may be trying to master:  appreciating creativity even when it is very, very  messy.

6.  It creates some cute pictures and stories for when the two and four year old are older.

Fun Times for Owen and Sydney

7.  It keeps the children entertained for hours- pretending it is sand at the beach, snow in the yard, clay for a sculptor…the uses are apparently endless.

8.  It encourages sibling bonding and laughter.  Though I did not know what was causing them at the time, there were giggles and squeals of admiration exhibited by both children as they figured out more efficient ways of emptying the powder bottle more quickly.

9.  Powder costs about 1.69, making this a very inexpensive play time.

10. It gives a mom who blogs an easy topic for the day.


What are your thoughts?

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