He Travels Again

Pinkalicious Cupcakes

Kris has been away this week.  All week.  As I shared in  yesterday’s post “Changing The Rules”, parenting the kiddos when he is away is becoming easier.

But he was supposed to be home last night, and his trip was extended by a day.  Owen was really disappointed, and Sydney keeps looking at pictures saying “hey, that’s daddy!”

In the interest of making the change a little easier on all of us, Owen, Sydney and I had a finger food dinner party last night.  Nachos, french fries, and popcorn made up the dinner of the night.  Complete with Pinkalicious Cupcakes that Owen has been eager to make since Sydney received the book for her birthday.

Don't let the little hand fool you. It can grab quite a large amount of popcorn.

We had fun, and cupcakes help everything.

A Happy Cupcake Eater

Today we will pick up Kris at the airport and continue our festivity seeking in Boston.  This plan made us all feel better and gave us something extra to look forward to.

We are grateful every day for Kris’s employment.  We have experienced the lack thereof and are able to feel gratitude even when he has to travel.  Sometimes though, I wish he did not have to travel at all.  It seems that it would be nice to know that every night for the next four months Kris would be at home in bed with us and here to say good night to the kids.

I have a friend whose husband never travels.  Ever.  She recently told me that it might be nice if he did, even just once a month.  So I guess there’s that.

And there are some advantages, we have lots of airline points, hotel points, etc. and we are fortunate that when Kris is not traveling he works mostly from home and sets his own hours.  This allows him a unique opportunity to do lots of things with the kids that a 9-5 job would not.  Like taking an hour long bike ride with Owen at noon on a tuesday.  Or walking hand in hand with Sydney to the playground at 10 am on a friday.

Still, we all so look forward to the end of his time away.  For me its nice to have a helper and partner and companion back.  And for the kids it feels like all is as it should be.

If I had been asked yesterday if I mind when Kris travels, I would have answered that it is getting easier and that the kids and  I plan extra fun things when he is away and that it does not seem like such a big deal any  more.

Today though if you ask me, I will say that I really wish he did not have go away ever, and that a week is a long time.

A day makes a big difference.

The kids feel it too.  I am tired, my energy level is lower and my creativity is virtually non existent.  Because of our parenting style, when Kris is away the kids are with me 24/7.  Literally.

Most of me loves this.  Especially now.  But after five days it is time for some reinforcements.  Just to help with things like bed time and diaper changes and cleaning the dried peanut butter off the chair.  Just so that I feel like I have  a purpose in life other than loading and unloading the dishwasher.

By sunday I will have recovered, and Kris has much of the next few weeks off.  That is what got me through last night.

That, and Pinkalicous Cupcakes.

Moments like this of course, make everything worthwhile.


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