Peace, Joy and No Resolutions.

With the marking of each new year, I am always tempted to make a list of resolutions.  Things that I promise myself I will do, or change, or eliminate, or add.  All in the coming year.

And then, not make them happen.

And the lack of completing these things will prove that I am incapable of following through on anything. Which really, I already knew.

So this year, I have decided to cut myself a break.

Instead of committing to unrealistic goals, for the next twelve months I will simply keep a few things in mind.  Some small efforts that I think will make life more peaceful and happier for me and my family.  None of these things will have quantifiable results.  This is intentional.

For example, I am not going to commit to going to the gym 5 times each week and losing 30 pounds by January 9th.  Instead, I will focus on allowing myself to feel better.  By making choices like nourishing my body with food that will make me feel good, and providing it with regular movement to keep the blood and oxygen flowing to the places it needs to be.

This will make me happier and calmer (and yes, hopefully thinner!).  A mom who feels good must be better for her family.

Instead of promising that I will never lose my patience with my kids again, I am going to ease up on my expectations of them, myself and our time together.  I am going to feel more comfortable canceling plans and missing activities if it means eliminating the chaos that is created by trying to get to said plans.

Rather than saying that 2012 will be the first year in human history that a wife has not been mad at her husband, I will work toward clearer and more positive communication. I will find and use resources for this purpose, so that our arguments decrease both in frequency and intensity.

And instead of repeatedly reminding myself that I am best at making mistakes, I will remind myself that I always make choices that I believe are best for my children and my family.

My children are at the beginning of their time here on Earth.  I want to make their journey as joyous as possible.  And if I do not make joy and happiness an intentional priority now, our years together will pass with me hoping that we will happen upon these things as a family, instead of doing my part to create them.

I suspect that in order to experience real and consistent joy, peace must be present, and that regular attention must be paid to choosing it.

So in addition to making myself feel better this year, I will make seemingly small choices that will allow my family to relax.

I will focus on remembering to choose peace and calm whenever possible.  And I will regularly question if the thing I am trying to force is worth giving that up for.

My hope is that these small efforts will yield a greater result:  more joy.  For me, my family and all those who come in contact with us.

                                                                    Not only in 2012, but all the New Years to come.

Here is wishing you and yours a Happy New Year, filled with Peace and Joy!


What are your thoughts?

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