Anecdotes by Pondering Jane

I recognize that the day will come when I will miss having my children under-foot.  Today is not that day.


I recently switched from mineral powder to full fledged liquid foundation applied with a brush.  It is not lost on me that I am literally painting my face every morning.

After a successful weekend at Story Land everyone discussed their favorite ride.  Mine was 93 south.

We’re teaching our ten month old Baby Signs.  Though there are a select few signs that she uses correctly, most of the time she looks like the third base coach for the Boston Red Sox.  And that’s how much I understand her.


While I have belonged to Weight Watchers for most of my lifetime, I am not a lifetime member.


I happily bedshare with my family.  I do however draw the line at sacrificing my bed space for Owen’s cars.


Recently, my mother-in-law was trying to get something out of the drawer that my father in-law was standing in front of.  She tripped over his foot as she was turning around.  “Jerry, what are your feet doing there?” my mother-in-law asked.  “Kathie, they’re attached to my legs.”

My husband just asked me if he could take the chair my foot was resting on.  I told him that I was using it as a foot rest.  “What are your feet resting from?”  He asked.   “Soccer practice?”
The newborn stage is most precious in retrospect.
I took Owen to get his ski helmet and the woman who rang us out was in her mid-twenties.  She (rightfully) thought Owen was about the cutest thing around.  Upon handing him his bag, she said “Have a great time skiing.”  Owen said, “Thanks, have a great time staying here!”  Owen’s smile grew in proportion to her laughter.


When at the playground with playgroup last week, the ground was wet and there were lots of puddles.  I looked across the basketball court to see my 3.5 year old Owen standing in the middle of a small running body of water.  My girlfriend Andrea was also over there.  I hollered to Owen;  “you aren’t standing in the middle of the puddle, are you?”  “No, mom” he replied.  Andrea told me that under his breath he followed with “I was five seconds ago.”

We had our closest and longest friends over yesterday to play.  They also have a new addition to their family who is 8 months old.  Owen was marveling at her “little hands” and speaking of remembering when Sydney’s hands were that small.  Upon finishing his time with Mia, Owen very sweetly and gently looked into her face and told her to “have a good grow up Mia.”

What are your thoughts?

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