A Bit About Pondering Jane

I am on a journey more interesting than any of which I have been on before.  I have traveled extensively and internationally and have spent a good deal of time on self improvement.Parenthood though, is teaching me more about myself and the world around me than I imagined possible.

Together with my husband, I am making choices that surprise and enlighten me.  My family is leaving the mainstream behind and creating a life  free of unnecessary resistance.

Am I certain that all of our choices are correct?  Nope.  But Kris and I make each choice based on what is best for our family. And so far, we have trusted our intuition and it has been right on.  Do I think every family has to make the same choices we have? Nope.  But I bet you’d be surprised by the result if you did.  At least we have been.

I am finding my family shift interesting, and I think you might too.  I process things through writing and communicating with other people, so I hope that Pondering Jane will allow me these two personal necessities.

The only thing I ask of you, is to keep an open mind.  I am shocked by some of the decisions we have made.  And ultimately  I am grateful that I gave them a chance instead of dismissing them.  These surprising choices have changed the course of my children’s lives.

I will slowly migrate all of my old Personal Essays and Blog Entries to WordPress.  But for now, you can access them here:  www.ponderingjane.com.

For the next few months Pondering Jane will experience some transition while I determine that best permanent place for us.  Ultimately, the address will return to its original:  www.ponderingjane.com.


The Token Hippie Friend

I should start by confessing that I am not actually a hippie.  While I am all for peace love and understanding I wear Dolce and Gabana sunglasses, shop at Target and have never ridden my bike to work.

I was surprised to hear myself introduced as the “token hippie friend.”  Sure, I was a strict organic vegan, kept my given family name, and our baby sleeps in bed with us, but come on, I stopped wearing flannel shirts in college and bathe almost every day.  My husband is a prep, I shop at Pottery Barn Kids, Janie and Jack and Nordstrom.  How much more mainstream can you get?  All right, all right, I know the answer to that.

The realization that I had a specific role in this group came when a girlfriend said “Well Jen, as I told my friend you’re our token Hippie friend.” I am confident enough to recognize that I contribute more to our friendship than what constitutes the label of token anything but it forced some self- reflection.

Ok, so I have a tendency toward disagreeing with the establishment, have let it slip after a couple of glasses of wine that deep down I am a conspiracy theorist and I have met my shaman.   I buy mostly organic, believe that the meat and dairy industries have insulted our intelligence by forcing their products on us and know that we have abused our environment so much that we have to supplement with vitamin D because we are fearful of exposing our skin to the sun.

But here is my struggle:  where does it end?  I have been a strict vegetarian for over 20 years.  I have never been a milk drinker and adopted a strict vegan diet over a year ago.  After my son was born I started buying only organic products.  The only knowing exception that I made was clothing.  My days became filled with almost obsessively seeking out and preparing items that would not “poison” my son.  It was a full time commitment- and I’m not kidding.   Life became such a chore.  Waking up in the morning left me feeling overwhelmed with the choices I would need to make for my family that day.   My husband is supportive of these choices though he is a meat eating, Walmart shopping, Advil-popping American.  He loves the grill and anything that can be put on it, swigs water from his 12 oz Poland Springs bottle after a run and  would have fed our son babyfood consisting of jarred meat.  So, this all-vegan, all-organic lifestyle is all-my responsibility.

I have no answers but I have lots and lots of opinions- mostly self taught and naïve.   And you lucky reader can bare witness to them all.  Welcome to my blog.