Just As You Are: My Gratitude Photo Journal

This week I am Grateful for things just as they are.

Like Muddy Boots

And Our Own Fly Boats

For My Knight in Shining Armor

And For Trying on Hats

For Moments of Solitude

And Abandoned Structures That Make My Mind Wander

Mostly of course, for these two little people, who I will always love just as they are.


Organic Faces: My Gratitude Photo Journal

I am reminding myself to be grateful for what is in front of me no matter how it was created.

And So, This Week I Am Grateful For

Amazing And Hand Crafted Gift Packages

And The Fun That Old Toys Bring

For Making Bread With Friends

And For Candy Not Consumed

For A Father Enjoying Nap Time

And For Energy That Abounds

With this goal to practice more gratitude in my daily life,  I try to find it in what is in front of me.

And everyday, it is these two fresh and organic faces:

And really, there is nothing to be more grateful for.

Posted, Gratefully.

With my commitment to create more joy for myself and my family in 2012, I intend to spend time intentionally reflecting on gratitude.  Starting today.

Today I am grateful for superheroes

and first bikes.

For breakfast in bed

and the waters’ calm.

For Owen’s love of running

and brotherly love.

And finally, for all of the moments that I may not be able to recall, but are unquestionably a part of me.