A Bit About Pondering Jane

I am on a journey more interesting than any of which I have been on before.  I have traveled extensively and internationally and have spent a good deal of time on self improvement.Parenthood though, is teaching me more about myself and the world around me than I imagined possible.

Together with my husband, I am making choices that surprise and enlighten me.  My family is leaving the mainstream behind and creating a life  free of unnecessary resistance.

Am I certain that all of our choices are correct?  Nope.  But Kris and I make each choice based on what is best for our family. And so far, we have trusted our intuition and it has been right on.  Do I think every family has to make the same choices we have? Nope.  But I bet you’d be surprised by the result if you did.  At least we have been.

I am finding my family shift interesting, and I think you might too.  I process things through writing and communicating with other people, so I hope that Pondering Jane will allow me these two personal necessities.

The only thing I ask of you, is to keep an open mind.  I am shocked by some of the decisions we have made.  And ultimately  I am grateful that I gave them a chance instead of dismissing them.  These surprising choices have changed the course of my children’s lives.

I will slowly migrate all of my old Personal Essays and Blog Entries to WordPress.  But for now, you can access them here:  www.ponderingjane.com.

For the next few months Pondering Jane will experience some transition while I determine that best permanent place for us.  Ultimately, the address will return to its original:  www.ponderingjane.com.